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Fred Stoeker - Author Of Every Man's Battle Series - Living True Ministries

Every Man's Marriage
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Every Man's Guide to Winning the Heart of a Woman
by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker with Mike Yorkey
Talk About Every Man's Marriage

Religion - Christian Life; Family - Marriage; Psychology & Psychiatry - Interpersonal Relation
WaterBrook Press | Trade Paperback | October 2001 | $13.99 | 1-57856-522-7

Authors Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker believe that every man can meet the desire of his wife. The problem is, most men aren't exactly sure what that desire is and how they can go about fulfilling it faithfully.

In Every Man's Marriage, readers can discover the common misconceptions about what it means to exercise biblical authority, and understand the role of submission in the marriage relationship. This groundbreaking book can help readers grasp and apply essential but often overlooked principles for marital leadership.

Through candid reflections on their own struggles to achieve biblical unity in their own marriages, along with many years of combined experience in marital counseling, Arterburn and Stoeker apply solid, time-tested biblical wisdom to the everyday potential distortions that can lead to strife in a marriage.

The perfect follow-up book for Every Man's Battle, Every Man's Marriage is a terrific resource for establishing mutual respect and sacrifice in marriage based on Christ's example of loving his bride, the church.

2002 Silver Medallion Book Award Winner!

- Click here to read the first chapter from EMM (Acrobat Reader Needed)

"I emailed you both at the end of last November and told you both how this book had transformed my life. I wanted to give you both an update that my wife Mary also read it and then purchased nine other Every Man's Marriage books and gave them out to friends and family for Christmas. One of my friends called me yesterday and said that the principles in the book have also greatly affected his life and his marriage. His marriage is now taking a change for the better! Thanks for you your efforts on writing this book! God Bless!" —Darin

"God, thank you for these men & their obedience to you in writing these books to help men like me live in purity & full devotion to our wives. I am a life that is changed, thanks to your books. I can't thank you enough. This has been a tremendous breakthrough!" —Fred

"A friend of mine (knowing my struggle (with sexual addiction)), bought me your latest book, Every Man's Marraige. I am into the 6th chapter of Every Man's Marriage and it has made me start looking at the way that I have previously thought about women. I still have a lot of ill thinking about women and their bodies, but I am struggling to see from a Biblical standpoint, how we (men) are supposed to think purely of all females. When I am able to look at females in a new pure light, it is such a freedom that I have never felt. I like it a lot." —Anonymous Reader

"I would first like to thank you for the honesty you showed in your writing. I am twenty-four, I had met the woman that I felt God whispered this is the woman you will marry someday... she is the most amazing woman I have met in my life. I, like you did to your wife, trampled her. Everything was wonderful... for a while… Now that I have seen the ways I have hurt her I have an ache in my heart and soul that I could not describe the reasoning behind, until these past two days that I have read your story. I pray that God will restore her heart, I pray that God will be merciful enough to trust me with her once again. Thank you for being used by God to reveal sin that I was too blind to see." —Ryan

"Has your wife ever thought of writing a booklet regarding her side of the story? My wife read that letter (Chapter 23) to her sister and she in turn read it to her daughter. Her daughter and her husband have had major changes in their relationship just because of that letter. More talking, more sharing, husband now is "present" emotionally. Something to think about." —Alan

"Thank you so much for writing the book Every Man's Marriage ! After an intense weekend my husband, Brian, thought he'd lost my trust and love forever and was willing to look at books like this in the Family Christian Store where I work. He came to the counter and handed me this book saying he wanted to buy it. I didn't ask why and started praying he'd actually take the time to read it. Things have certainly changed after that! He has made a point to pick up after himself, he brought me a cup of hot tea in bed first thing in the morning, he actually asked me what he could do to help...I could keep going for a while. I've already skimmed through most of it and can't wait to talk with Brian about what he thinks about what he reads. You guys have done a fantastic job of explaining to our husbands what us wives have only dreamed they'd one day understand. I look forward to seeing your next project!" —Gloria

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